Benefits of Having an Energy Management System in Your Commercial Buildings

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Benefits of Having an Energy Management System in your Commercial Building

A typical Energy Management System (EMS) will handle fire safety, lighting, and HVAC systems. With such a system, visitors and tenants will be kept safe, and comfortable. Moreover, modern EMS’s that can also control elevators can be installed. However, given the myriad of different systems in motion, it can be difficult to control all of them in an effective manner.

Each system actually has its own energy requirements, controls, and interface. Unfortunately, systems will also begin to age with time, and, as a result, will need to be maintained more often in order to keep occupants safe and comfortable.

The solution: Building EMS’s. Such systems control and monitor every building system that uses energy. Below, are some of the benefits of having an EMS in place in your commercial buildings.

More Efficient

EMS’s will allow you to integrate all other building systems into one single application; which will facilitate monitoring and controlling, and increase efficiency. The toolkit will include fire safety, elevators, cooling, lighting, security, and heating components. These systems streamline the entire process, which also saves staff quite a bit of time that would have gone towards switching between systems multiple times throughout the day. For instance, employees can easily access the amount of energy that each system is using, as well as access the entire building’s energy use. Having a comprehensive view of the entire building’s energy efficiency, employees can make any adjustments immediately using the EMS.

Reduce Energy Consumption

30% of energy used in commercial buildings is wasted. An EMS, when used properly, will reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency in the process. The system will analyze and monitor internal energy use, temperature, and the environment. Energy use fluctuations over a period of time can also be traced easily via charts, graphs and reports, with the data being amalgamated to streamline the analysis.

In other words, the system can be used to detect areas of high use as well as energy drift that can be rectified in order to promote better efficiency. By compiling data, analyzing information, and making the necessary changes, a building can enjoy optimal energy efficiency. In fact, some owners can enjoy energy saving numbers as high as 53%, as was seen by some owners who used the Nokia Smart Building EMS.

Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing the amount of energy consumed will also reduce the carbon footprint, which will enhance your environmental sustainability efforts. Moreover, for many managers and building owners, environmental sustainability is a stand-alone objective. However, a smaller carbon footprint can also greatly benefit their bottom line.

Adopting an EMS can not only help a company meet its sustainability goals but it can also help an organization obtain energy certifications that it can use in social responsibility and marketing messages. For instance, promoting the company as environmentally friendly can help push customers on the fence towards your building or business, so that they choose your services over competitors who are not as environmentally friendly or conscious.

Lower Utility Bills

A top of the line EMS will significantly cut energy use at the source through efficient solutions, which will allow saving on utility costs. The end result is that the stress that is placed on each system is drastically reduced, which will also save time and money that would have gone towards system maintenance. A study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy found commercial buildings could collectively save up to $60 billion by increasing energy efficiency investments by just 1-4%.

The Future is Now

Companies have been using EMS’s for several years in order to reduce their costs and improve their energy efficiency. While EMS’s aren’t considered new technology, recent advances have further improved their benefits. For example, many leading-edge enterprises are utilizing smart technology and IoT to enjoy even more benefits for their commercial buildings.

You can predict energy consumption patterns accurately in order to implement automated and smart energy alerts and policies. The end result is superior energy savings and less time spent by employees on managing energy use. As technology continues to advance, EMS’s will only become better at reducing energy consumption and costs while saving you time.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of having an EMS in place in your commercial buildings then we can help. With a perfect 5 star rating, we are committed to your comfort and your equipment. Call Thermokline today at (905) 455-9521 or contact us here.