What Makes Thermokline Mechanical Stand Out

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What Makes Thermokline Mechanical Stand Out

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About Thermokline Mechanical

We are a medium-sized HVAC/R company in Brampton, Ontario, that specializes in commercial and industrial buildings. We are experienced and have been servicing clients for over twelve years.

Our founder, Michael Killam, worked in the HVAC/R field as an apprentice/ journeyman for over a decade. He was also an avid Bass and Walleye fishing fanatic and wanted to have a name for his business that related to both his passion and profession.

Michael came up with the name, Thermokline, by also adding his little twist of substituting ‘C’ for the ‘K’, which was the same as his surname.

Since our inception, the company has been able to reel in a long line of customers and currently services over two hundred and sixty buildings annually. It includes installing quick-serve restaurant equipment for chain based franchises and large manufacturing units.

To render services to our extensive client base, we currently have a team of fifteen employees that assist in the succession of the firm. They operate Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm, and also offer round the clock emergency services for our contract customers. 

We have a fleet of twelve vehicles, which enable us to serve clients as far west as London, Ontario. Owen Sound is our North most reach, Kingston is our east stretch (although we have completed installation projects as far as Bathurst, New Brunswick) and we go up to the Niagara region in the south.

The Thermokline Mechanical Difference

One aspect that makes us second to none is that we have built up a reputation for rapid response for leaks, boilers and hydronic systems, and most of our clients get to see one of our technicians within thirty minutes of making an emergency call.

Our primary strength is identifying potential issues with machines that would have become a capital expense or may have caused a catastrophic impediment in the operation of our customers’ business.

We sometimes have to advise what clients do not want to hear, but they respect us for being honest. We also take the time to educate clients on the work that we carry out as it builds greater trust and helps to maintain equipment better.  

Customers approach us after having experienced horror stories with other maintenance companies and are happy when we value them and relate to their tough challenges. It has created loyal customers, and we have been able to retain ninety-eight percent of our clients since 2007.

Our integrity means everything to us, and we always go above and beyond our duty if something ever goes wrong, and it rarely does. It may be absorbing the cost of the repairs or providing a new, warranted part to appease clients.

Over the years, we have implemented controls that have reduced fuel and electrical costs. We have also saved lives and protected clients in which they would have been fully liable. 

It’s rewarding when we isolate a failure and repair it in time so that clients do not have to go without heat during winter. However, there are times when clients are only interested in their capital assets. 

A recent example included when a customer had many aged RTUs and omitted a winter preventive maintenance to save money. By doing this, it potentially allowed for over-firing of their equipment and caused premature metal fatigue and rot in their heat exchangers, which resulted in many of them to be shut down right before the heating season. It may not have been the primary reason, but certainly attributed to it, as the equipment was many years past the suggested operating life.

We try to impress on clients that preventive maintenance is critical, and airflow is vital in the HVAC/R industry. The Federal Government has acknowledged our commitment to safety and quality, and we have received a community excellence award from Stephen Harper some time ago.

Our dream for the future is to expand, and we are currently searching for a second location to adequately service our current customers and prepare for continued growth. We have also updated our website and social media presence for enhanced communication and awareness.

While we are passionate about what we do, we realize that we have a responsibility to protect the environment. So our green policy consists of sustainable practices which include recycling all metals and not allowing leaks of any refrigerants w/CFCs.

We also believe in giving back to society. As part of that belief, our company donates to various charities, which include Sick kids, Movember, Rooftops Canada, Red Door Family Shelter, David Suzuki Foundation, and the Make A Wish Foundation. We also sponsor hockey teams in the GTHL and Caledon.

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