Busted! Don’t Believe These HVAC Myths!

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Severe temperatures and poor ventilation inside your business or home can be troublesome. If these problems are not countered by installing the right heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to regulate the temperature and airflow, it could result in feeling uncomfortable daily and potentially lead to health problems. However, only installing the HVAC system is not enough - you need to maintain these systems in the right manner.

There are a number of myths and misconceptions related to how to care for your HVAC system at home. Falling for these myths and not maintaining the HVAC system and appliances correctly could result in the equipment not working the way they were intended to. To help you separate fact from fiction when maintaining and using your HVAC system, Thermokline Mechanical has debunked four of the most widely believed myths about HVAC. 

Myth 1: Setting your thermostat to 16˚C will not help it cool faster if you can’t even reach 21˚C
A lot of people set the temperature lower when they see that their set point of 21˚C is not being attained. So setting it to 16˚C  from 21˚C when the space is, say 28˚C.  If it’s not reaching to 21˚C within a certain time frame, why would you believe it will reach 16˚C? There may be a multitude of problems either with the operation of the system, programming of the thermostat, equipment may be undersized, supply air could be an issue. Even an extremely high ambient day will put a properly sized system to the test and most times will struggle to meet the demand. To resolve issues similar to this or any other unknown problem, a service technician would be needed.

Myth 2: You have to change your filter only once per year. 
Manufacturers recommend that one must change the filter of their HVAC/R system a minimum of four times per year. Airflow is extremely critical in HVAC/R operations. In fact, airflow is the most essential! Not changing your filters or pressure washing your condenser coil each spring can be compared to the likes of running your car with no oil in the engine!

Myth 3: The thermostat location does not matter.
On the contrary, the location of the thermostat most definitely matters. If it is placed above an appliance that emits heat, such as a computer monitor, a copier/scanner, television, microwave, etc., it will influence it with false readings due to the heat emitted from the appliances and may throw your entire space temperatures to that which are undesirable. 

Myth 4: Turning your air conditioning system off and on will help reduce energy consumption.
This logic will be helpful in reducing the energy use for lights and appliances. The air conditioning unit is extremely contrary to the above logic, since switching on/off of the air conditioning unit multiple times can actually have more energy consumption. Every time that compressor starts up it is the largest draw on your electricity. The smarter way to save money on energy consumption would be to invest in a programmable thermostat, which could be adjusted as per the individual comfort need and installing the thermostat in a suitable location.

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