How Thermokline Mechanical Helped A Client Fix A Defunct A/C

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At Thermokline Mechanical, we are a service-oriented company that offers a broad range of commercial and industrial HVAC solutions. We specialize in taking care of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation equipment.

Most of our work is straightforward, although we also like to problem solve for our clients to ensure they can relax at the optimum temperature. Please keep reading to learn about how we helped a client fix a defunct A/C.

The Challenge: A custom A/C broke down in the summer

A young couple that had a baby on the way decided to buy an old condo in the city. Unfortunately, during the first summer living there, the custom A/C broke down. We got called in to investigate and soon realized that the A/C needed multiple parts. 

However, the system was ancient, and the company that manufactured it no longer existed. In addition, information on the system was challenging to find as the firm that purchased the old company had no digital info available. The only option was to remove the A/C altogether and install a new system, but this was beyond the couple’s budget. 

The Solution: Found a contact to get the parts

We were all sitting around on a super hot summer’s day with no hope in sight until one of our crew members, Danny, had an idea. He remembered a friend from his HVAC school named Roy, who worked for an enterprise that owned the old company’s patents.

So Danny made a call and brainstormed with his friend. Roy looked through some old records and schematics and managed to track down the required information and parts. 

The Bottom Line 

It took Danny and Roy about two weeks to save the day. It ensured the lovely couple didn’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a new customized system to stay cool in the sweltering heat.

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